Dual Occupancy & Duplex Projects

Multiple properties on a single plot of land will typically strengthen your equity. Creating subdivisions and constructing multiple low upkeep residences uncovers a wide range of money-making possibilities including:

  • Renting each property out to enjoy multiple income streams
  • Sell each property outright  for a significant lump sum return
  • Live in one property and sell the other
  • Live in one property and rent the other out to help pay off your mortgage sooner

Whether it be your design or ours we can help you work through the best floor plan to suit your section together with council restrictions that may affect your land. There can be numerous infrastructure requirements/levies and other misc items with services to your section and we can assist you with these service providers.

Dual Occupancy or Duplex homes can be a stressful lengthy council pre site process so it is key to have the right professionals advising you, this could be the difference between a short timeframe or perhaps years.

The building of your homes is a skill in itself, the tight sections / small build areas takes specialist scheduling and coordination to ensure timeframes don’t amount to excessive days over the contracted days. Cavalier Homes are engrained in the local community who use local suppliers/local sub-contractors that understand these complex projects to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations in ease of operation and quality.

Give our local Franchisee a call and speak with the real local experts.